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Sabancı University IEEE Student Branch has many societies that are actively working in various fields. If you are interested in engineering and want to produce original works, we would be happy to see you among us.

Our Societies

Computer Society.png

Computer Society

As IEEE Sabancı Computer Society, we organize activities that will support students to discover their fields of interest by introducing students to prominent areas of computer science by following the recent developments in the field. In our activities, we host experts and competent people from both academia and the business world. We are working to contribute to the development of our members with the technical education programs and inspiring speeches we organize, as well as the competition teams and working groups that we run in our community. On the way to becoming engineers who produce and develop better tomorrows for humanity, we organize activities that can benefit people in the field of computer science, and more importantly, we aim to provide experience in many social and technical fields to enable our valuable members to start their business life one step ahead. If you want to be a part of this valuable community and contribute to this society, we would be happy to see you among us.


Computer Society


Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.png

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

​Infectious diseases have been one of the biggest problems of humanity since its transition to settled life. The most recent example of this, the COVID-19 pandemic, underlined the importance of these diseases. Studies that were successfully carried out all over the world by scientists to find a solution to the pandemic revealed the mesmerizing potential of biology and showed that being a biologist is not only promising for the future but also highly valuable in the modern-day world. Our fascination with biology, which is the basis of medicine in its entirety and which also has a plethora of applications beyond medicine, led us to found the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society in IEEE Sabancı.


As IEEE Sabancı EMBS, our purpose is to create an environment where everyone can benefit both academically and as an individual. Within the framework of this mission, we intend to organize several events encompassing various fields of biology, from biochemistry to ecology. Through these events, to some of which we will also invite experts from private and public sectors of the economy, we want to provide the participants with experiences they can use in their careers. We invite everyone who is interested in life sciences and willing to learn to join our society.

Women in Engineering Affinity Group.png

Women in Engineering Affinity Group

With the advancing technology, engineering is a highly preferred profession from past to present. Although the perception that engineering is only suitable for men has been destroyed today, masculine values embedded in the industry and society cause engineer women to be seen as inadequate and make them less represented.


As IEEE Sabancı Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group, we aim to break down these outdated perceptions and support the female engineers of the future. If you want to connect with successful female engineers, benefit from their experiences and take part in the organization of these events that can inspire you as you take your career steps, we would be happy to see you among us!

Vehicular Technology Society.png

Vehicular Technology Society

Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) is one of the newly established societies of Sabancı University IEEE Student Branch. VTS combines engineering skills especially in motor vehicles, land, maritime, and air traveling vehicle technologies, and the communication of these vehicles with each other and with specific centers. Our community is interested in vehicle technologies, traction, signals, and control systems and aims to provide new gains to its members in these areas. In this context, in the coming period, we plan to hold seminars with people who are in the sector and make important contributions, including Sabancı University graduates, in order to follow the developments involving our fields of interest in Turkey and around the world and to increase our knowledge on this sector. In addition to these seminars, we also plan to set up a team that will set out to produce a drone from scratch. If you are also interested in these fields, we would be very happy to see you in our community.

Communications Society.png

Communications Society

In IEEE Communications Society we research, analyze and share the bleeding edge engineering products as a team. Our aim is to bring together the engineers and soon-to-be engineers who enjoy working with technologies such as 5G, computer systems, and IoT. We plan to conduct workshops based on real-life engineering problems and organize seminars with people who have years of experience and vision in our related industries. If you also consider yourself to be a next-gen engineer, do not hesitate to join us!

Power and Energy Society.png

Power and Energy Society

As IEEE Sabancı Power and Energy Society, we are planning to organize various activities on particular "energy" topics. These activities will include informative presentations by competent participants in the energy field and inspiring speeches by people who are experienced in the sector. Additionally, content for raising awareness about energy-related topics will be produced and shared through IEEE Sabancı’s social media accounts. If you want to get an active role in the preparation process of these activities and contents as well as contribute to the operational jobs, we will be happy to see you in our society.

Mathematics Community.png

Mathematics Community

Our community has been established in 2019 as a student initiative by a group of students who are interested in mathematics within the scope of IEEE under the supervision of Kağan Kurşungöz, a faculty member of the Mathematics Department of our school. Since the day it was founded, our community which aims to create quality and original works for mathematics in Sabanci University through various seminars, lessons, and reading groups, desires to bring you the beauties of mathematics. We believe in the motto of “The best way to learn math is to do math.” and as a result of that, we establish a periodical fanzine that turns the learning process from a passive form into an active process. Briefly, our community is the meeting point of students who believe that the way to understand science is through mathematics and who want to create value for themselves and their environment. If you consider yourself a math enthusiast and want to be a part of this process, it is a pleasure to see you among us.

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