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Societies, Teams & Department

Sabancı University IEEE Student Branch has many societies that are actively working in various fields. If you are interested in engineering and want to produce original works, we would be happy to see you among us.

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Computer Society

Engaging computer engineers, scientists, academia, and industry professionals from all areas of computing, the IEEE Computer Society (CS) sets the standard for the education and engagement that fuels continued global technological advancement. Through conferences, publications, and programs, and by bringing together computer science and engineering leaders at every phase of their career for dialogue, debate, and collaboration, IEEE CS empowers, shapes, and guides the future of not only its members, but the greater industry, enabling new opportunities to better serve our world.


Computer Society


Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society.png

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBS) is a society that is constituted by people who have a general interest in Biology related fields. The mission of the EMBS is to cooperate in order to hold workshops and seminars, produce informative media and most importantly, spark an interest in biology for others. EMBS is currently functioning by 3 Technical Departments that are; Sponsorship, Design and Social Media and 3 Event Departments that are currently working on 3 different seminars. The Sponsorship is the department that helps EMBS search and acquire cooperations with relevant institutions and organizations in order to help EMBS organize big events.  The Design department is responsible for the visual design that will be used in any forms of media that will be published by EMBS to make it more alluring and original. The Social Media department is responsible for managing all public social media accounts of the EMBS in order to increase public visibility and spread the interest in biology. And the event departments are working in cooperation with 3 Technical departments in order to get in touch with renowned Biologists, organize and host events and deliver these accomplishments as smoothly as possible.

Women in Engineering Affinity Group.png

Women in Engineering Affinity Group

Women in Engineering Affinity Group (WiE) is a sub-branch of Sabancı IEEE, and it was established in September 2021. The aim of WiE is to encourage engineering students, especially women, to advance in the STEM area. There are 3 departments, namely Organization, Sponsorship and Creative. Organization department is responsible for organizing events that develop our skills that are needed as engineers while finding and contacting speakers for these events. Sponsorship department is responsible for finding companies to sponsor these events as well as contacting companies for collaboration. Creative team prepares posts and content for our social media platforms to increase our visibility. Planning and managing PR processes is another responsibility of the creative team.

Vehicular Technology Society.png
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SuRover is a rover building team that was established under IEEE in 2020. It is main purpose is to solve problems of today as the next generation engineers. The main problem SuRover is focusing now is to build a functional space exploration vehicle that is designed to do research about extraterrestrial life and astronomy. The main goal is to build a self autonomous vehicle that can function on harsh environments like Mars and Moon. SuRover is also planning to contest in URC and ERC rover competitions and acquire good rankings. Currently SuRovers is functioning under 2 Departments: Business Development and Technical Department. The Business Development Department is responsible for finding a budget for the rover and increasing its popularity while the Technical Department is focusing on actually building the rover.  Technical department is further divided into fractions in order to build different main components but still work in cooperation with each other. Rover is planning to build and optimize  its vehicle while contesting in competitions and grow as both a team and society.

Communications Society.png

Sunrise Rocket

Welcome to the Sunrise Rocket family! It was established as a team that comes together with students who see the future of humanity in space and who have developed and continue to develop themselves in many different fields. The main goal of the Sunrise Rocket team is to develop sustainable and effective rockets that form the basis for realizing scientific and social breakthroughs such as being in space and conducting various researches in the future of Turkey and the world. 


While developing sustainable rockets, which is our main goal, we also aim to participate in both the domestic competitions mainly Teknofest Rocket Competition and the international competitions such as EUROC, IREC. We aim to achieve international success by representing both Sabancı University and Turkey in international competitions. With a camera we will place on the rocket, we will broadcast live broadcasts of each flight both on our own brands and on our own channels. We aim to reach people who are both interested in rockets and curious about space with live broadcasts.

Sunrise rocket
Power and Energy Society.png


3C Department

3C department is the department responsible for general IEEE except for sub-branches and project teams. It was established by the Sabancı IEEE Student Chapter in August 2022 to ensure unity between sub-branches, strengthen communication and create content and events other than our sub-branches and project teams. The C's in the name represents the initials of the Creative, Cooperation, and Coordination teams. The coordination team, which organizes inclusive events on behalf of the general IEEE, also carries out PR activities to increase the visibility of our club and companies. Our cooperation team is the team responsible for our communications; they are the initiators and executives of cooperation processes that start with companies and all kinds of cooperation with other clubs inside and outside the university. Last but not least, our creative team is responsible for creating content for our social media accounts and preparing event-based visual works in order to make our club's work visible and interesting.

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